Message queueing

on the Dell Boomi platform.

What is message queueing?

Dell Boomi pub/sub message queueing

Why use message queueing?

  • Decoupling

    Message queueing allows you to decouple processes.

  • Redundancy

    Because data is persisted first, the data is not lost when a process fails.

  • Scalability

    It allows you to scale your system when the amount of messages grow by adding more listeners to a queue.

  • Multiple recipients

    Messages can be sent to multiple recipients independently. Likewise, their receipt can be monitored independently as well.

  • Asynchronous processing

    Message queues enable asynchronous processing, which allows you to put a message on the queue when there’s no need to process the message immediately. It also gives you more options to handle peaks in traffic more easily. Example of the last are message throttling and parallel message processing.